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Jardines de Confucio opened its doors on June 15, 1981 in Barranquilla, offering the best Cantonese and international food menu in the city. The menu was designed with care and professionalism, adapting Chinese cuisine to the Colombian palate. Confucio has been a leader in this type of service for decades now.

Pok Tung Choi is the creator of this excellent menu and a founding partner of Jardines de Confucio in Barranquilla. He decided to bring his recipes to the city of Miami, and that's how we started on January 19, 2006. Our goal is to delight people in South Florida with the unique taste of our food.

In this location, we have captivated the city of Miami and its visitor for mote than 15 years, managing to be considered the restaurant with the best fried rice in Miami. Others have been inspired by our cuisine, but our seasoning is unique.


  • Dine-In Available in January

  • Take Out

  • Delivery

  • Free WiFi

  • Private Events

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